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Yokohama Car Hire

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Please Go To The Mazda Counter 28 Yamashita Cho Naka, Yokohama, 231-0023 (Japan)
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Hertz Yokohama Car Hire

The city of Yokohama is located right in front of the Tokyo metropolis. Mainly due to its strategic location right on the Pacific grew popular importance as a port and economic hub. However, the city has to offer much culturally. Parks, museums, international flair and a true shopping paradise await you in Yokohama. In addition, the city is also a good initial station for travel with the car in the hinterland of Tokyo. Try it out and visit this Japanese city on the Pacific Ocean.

With the car in Yokohama

Yokohama has an excellently developed infrastructure. Highways connect the city to Tokyo and the hinterland. From here, you can take excursions to the Vulkan of Mount Fuji and Tokyo. But also the routes along the Tokyo Bay are superb scenic and always fascinating views of the skyline of Tokyo. You can their rental car airport both at Haneda of Tokyo airport as also at airport Tokyo Narita take right after your arrival at reception. At the same time car hire locations of from different car hire companies in Yokohama are also in the entire city of Yokohama available.

Sightseeing in Yokohama

Yokohama has a very nice old Chinatown, which fascinates visitors from all over the world with its Chinese architecture and narrow streets. Also always a walk along the huge port in Yokohama is very nice. Here ships from all over the world create and thus contribute to the international flair of the city. Directly to the port you can reach also the Yamashita-Park, where you can relax over a cup of tea in the shade. Nearby is the impressive landmark tower, which marks the highest building in the country with almost 300 metres. In the cemetery of foreigners, you hint at the international importance of the city. Since it is not surprising that Yokohama is twinned with cities from all over the world. These include for example San Diego in the United States, Mumbai in India, Odessa in the Ukraine, Lyon, France, Shanghai in China, Manila, the Philippines and Vancouver in Canada. With the car you drive not far into the Kishine Park in the District of Kohoku. In addition, the Sankeien Park also provides for rest and recreation in the port city. You will learn the production of silk in the well-known Museum of silk from Yokohama. For history buffs the Yokohama of history offers an interesting retrospective on the development of the city to the port city archive. For food-lovers visit of Ramen-offers the Museum. Here were not only well known building popular in the 1950s and 1960s years built, but also the famous small Ramen-also still noodles of all kinds serves businesses, where there. With the car, quickly reach the Ramen-Museum and can park at the train station Sinh-Yokohama. The Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, in which not only aquariums wait, but also many rides is also easily accessible.