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Nippon, the land of the rising sun, offers a magnificent nature and also fascinating cities. Here, tradition and modern hand in hand and are not opposites in the streets of the cities. Experience people in yoga, meditation and dance in the parks of Tokyo and marvel at the cultural tradition and diversity of this country. Visit the hot springs with the car and take a dip in the middle of the snow country. Or enjoy the cherry blossom, which every year the whole country into a roséfarbenes sea. Japan has to offer something for every taste. See for yourself.

With the car in Japan

You can rent their car hire in Japan directly after your arrival at the airports of the country. The most important airports are Tokyo - Haneda, Narita Airport Tokyo, Kansai Airport, and Chubu International Airport Airport. In addition car hire locations of from different car hire companies at the disposal are also in the big cities. Japan has a very well-developed transport system. Several highways connect major cities on the main island. It should be noted that the motorways are subject to charge and there is a left-hand traffic. With your rental car to reach easily all parts of the country and can take therefore a nice tour of Japan.

Culture in Japan

In addition to the popular Japanese Sumo martial art, many elements of the martial martial art still in individual sports are included, such as judo, Aikido and the Kendo. Visit competitions and get to know live these traditional sports. Among the Japanese culture is also meditative rituals, which are reflected in the tea ceremony, the Blumensteckkunst, the handicraft art and the garden. For visitors, especially the historical architecture of Japan is very interesting. Driving with your rental car to the UNESCO world heritage buildings such as the Horyu-ji Temple in Ikaruga, the castle of Himeji, Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto, Todai-ji in Nara, Kii Mountains on Honshu and the Shinto shrine of Nikko Tosho-gu in Nikko. Enjoy bathing in Japan and enjoy the Onsen, the bath in the hot spring, or in a Sento, the traditional bathhouse in Japan. Recommend a visit at a Geisha-is performance. This traditional popular culture is maintained above all in the Gion district of Kyoto. Relax absolutely it can be also in the Japanese Gardens, which can be found in every city. Visit for example the Tsukiyama garden at Tofuku-ji and the ISUI-en in Nara with your hire car.

Geography of Japan

Japan consists of the main islands in the South of Hokkaido in the North, the Central and largest island of Honshū, and Shikoku, and Kyushu. This occur almost 7,000 small islands, which are focused primarily in the inland sea and Ryukyu Islands. It is called Hokkaido also the land of snows, because here in the winter high snow, while South Japan is located in a subtropical zone. As the brown bear feel at home in Hokkaidō and on Honshū countered monkeys. Japan is characterised above all by its large contiguous mountain forests. Continue with your rental car through the forests of Japan, and learn about the flora and fauna of the middle.

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