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With a rental car the best opportunity to discover the State of Venezuela in the North of South America and to the foreign culture and people know this country offers. Venezuela is located directly on the Caribbean coast and is bordered by the neighbouring countries of Colombia, Brazil and Guyana. The country has experienced nearly 27.5 million inhabitants, of which live over 2.8 million in the capital Caracas. Above all the warm tropical temperatures, the beautiful landscapes and vibrant cities attract thousands of tourists after Venezuela who want to spend their holidays here every year. If you want to explore it with a rental car, numerous car hire agencies available are available in all major cities.

Landscape in Venezuela

With a total area of over 916.000 square kilometers and a coastline of 2,800 km, Venezuela about is in the triple size of Germany. While approximately forty percent of the area consist of andproud ground and barely four percent can be used for the agriculture and the box industry. But also several mountains and elevations are the beautiful nature of Venezuela. One of the most famous mountains of the world include the Andes. The world's longest mountain range extends along the entire West coast of South America and runs in Venezuela in a large bow on the Caribbean coast along to the East. With a car, you can follow the course of the unique landscape on the coast at your own pace and nature of their very special page know.

Culture in Venezuela

In Venezuela, you can experience the culture and architecture, which make it so unique and fascinating. While even the smallest towns and villages offer individual attractions, so that it is worthwhile in any case, times to take a detour in the away nearby villages. You will be surprised! The most famous and the most visited attractions include inter alia the Cathedral of Coro, the Cathedral of Ciudad Bolívar and the Chiesa de San Clemente. But also numerous museums, galleries and even a national park with the highest waterfall in the world are waiting for your visit. All cities you will find numerous car hire companies, whose services you can use this.

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