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With a car, you can discover the State of Uruguay in southeastern of South America on your own and learn about the foreign culture and the people of the country. Live in Uruguay some 3.3 million people, of which about 1.3 in the capital Montevideo. Spanish is the official language of the country. Uruguay is the smallest Spanish-speaking country in South America. The Atlantic Ocean as a natural border is located in the East of the country and runs to the South of the Río de la Plata. It referred to the 290 km long estuary of two major South American waterways, Uruguay and Paraná. In addition, Uruguay borders the countries of Brazil and Argentina. When you choose for a sightseeing tour with a hire car, numerous car hire agencies available are available in all major cities.

The landscape of Uruguay

Geographically, the country Uruguay is the extension of the Argentine Pampa, which referred to a spacious Veldt. The entire southern part of the country is therefore almost entirely flat, only in coastal areas, it comes to steep waste every now and then. There are large swampy areas, which often flooded by the River along the river Río Uruguay which acted also as Namesgeber for the State of Uruguay and has a length of about 1790 km. The Centre of the country is a flat plateau, which greatly increases in the course. This increase Uruguay gives a largely hilly landscape. Among the highest peaks of the country include the Cerro Catedral and the Cerro de las Animas. With your rental car, you can take great trips and enjoy the beautiful landscapes around the cities.

Culture in Uruguay

The culture in Uruguay is influenced mainly by European customs and traditions. Above all, the Spanish culture plays a major role in this, which is due to the former Spanish colonies in the country. But also the Italian culture has strongly influenced Uruguay because many Italians emigrated to Uruguay and found a new home here. You will find the ancient customs and traditions of the old Indian natives, however, almost no longer in the culture of Uruguay, since these were almost completely lost after the decimation of the native inhabitants. In the latest period, but also Argentina exerts a great influence on Uruguay in particular in the fields of dance and music.

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