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In the United States, Russia and Canada, third largest state of the Earth, a rental car is the easiest and most practical solution to the country to explore, as are the distances very far, but through extensive easy to overcome highways with a rental car. Pick up stations of the major car hire companies such as. Alamo, dollar, or national, to only some to name a few, is there at every international airport and the cities themselves.

It is advisable to book car hire for the United States, because the prices are mostly lower as to the rental stations on the ground and the full insurance cover be can booked, so that no additional insurance must be completed in advance via the Internet.


The political history of the United States begins with the founding of 13 British colonies in the sixteenth century. Different development of lifestyle and religious belief, the colonies over time more and more distanced themselves from the mother country. When England finally tried by higher taxes and duties, to finance the seven years war from the colonies, the situation escalated and it came to the final break. The birth of the United States in 1776 was with the Congress in the Declaration of independence granted Philadelphia.

By further waves of immigration, the expansion to the West and the Industrialialisierung won the United States more and more political influence in the 19th century and could hold a Finally, after the second world war and the end of the USSR, as the only superpower of the 20th century.

Sights and culture

Whether the National Park Grand Canyon in Arizona, the United States, the Empire State building and the Metropolitan in New York or Disney World in Orlando, Florida, that one took place, on the list of the most visited tourist attractions as well as Miami Beach, and Fort Lauderdale, the 'Venice' of Florida and sea world in San Diego, the United States of America offer a wide variety of different objectives, to see that it's worth. They are all accessible with a cheap car.

Other places of interest, which may under no circumstances are missing during a tour with the car are the cities of Las Vegas, the player's paradise and Washington, D.C., by the way after the first President of the United States named, walk of Fame at the Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, as well as Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, where the four most important statesmen of the United States, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Immortalized by Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln, as pot paintings in a rock.

The overwhelming national parks like Yellowstone in Wyoming, Yosemite in California, Grand Canyon in Arizona and the Golden Gate recreational area in and around San Francisco, very popular destinations of the United States are. Also Salt Lake City, the capital of Utah's Mormon State and the annual Jazz Festival in New Orleans is worth a visit.

Attractions offers the United States very many to experience but real cultural diversity, visit the "old" Europe with your hire car. Only French capital Paris probably offers more cultural treasures as the entire United States, and this on a few kilometers, but the best Metro or on foot to explore.

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Compare prices for car hire can take a long time claim if you compare all providers individually and sequentially. It is easier to compare prices for car hire online. Serious differences otherwise favourable providers are revealed as quickly and you can invest the money saved in nicer things.

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