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With a car, you can explore the United Arab Emirates in Southwestern Asia quite easily yourself and discover the many attractions of the country. The United Arab Emirates is a Federation of seven Emirates. So-called Emirate of the territory of an Emir, is called Arabic for "Prince" or "Governor". Situated right on the coast of Persian Gulf in the southeast of the Arabian Peninsula, the UAE share borders with Oman and Saudi Arabia. The population of the country is around 4.8 million, of which live just under 860,000 people in the capital Abu Dhabi to Dubai, the second largest city in the country. If you choose a tour with a hire car, the car hire companies that you have selected is of available is available in all cities.

Landscape in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a mostly covered by dry sandy desert. Nearly two-thirds of the entire country be taken here of the foothills of the rub al Khali, the great Arabian Desert. The Liwa oasis is in the South of the desert, the beautiful oasis City Al Ain is located in the East. The mighty sandy dunes of the desert is a constant threat for the people here. The dunes over several kilometres across can easily hike and threaten this inhabited oases and even the towns. To limit the movement of the desert, something large plantings were created, which could keep the dunes but only partially. With its unique nature, the United Arab Emirates offer beautiful lines and goals that you can discover with your rental car.

Culture in the United Arab Emirates

The whole essence and the culture of the United Arab Emirates has changed significantly in recent years and decades. Earlier small idyllic fishing villages the extensive coastal and remote farming settlements lined the Interior of the country, contemporary society in the first place want to modern and be versatile. These changes were due at the end of the 20th century in particular labour migration, which influenced the culture of the country also. This influence can be clearly, other cultural areas such as the clothes, music, however, the food and the entire lifestyle are inspired by Islamic traditions and customs in the architecture.

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