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With a rental car, you can easily explore the Tunisia State in the North of Africa on his own. Runs the Mediterranean Sea to the North and East of the country, in southeastern Tunisia borders on Libya and in the West at Algeria.10.2 Million people live 2.4 million in the capital Tunis in Tunisia, it. The Tunisian capital also served as the namesake for the country. If you choose a tour with the car, the car hire companies that you have selected is of available is available in all cities.

The language

Tunisia the official language is Arabic, in addition to traded French as a second language. Almost the entire population speaking Tunisian Arabic, and also dominated the font Arabic. Under the so-called Maghreb Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia Tunisia is the country with the consistent language distribution. The Tunisian Arabic is a mixture of several dialects and is especially as used in everyday language. At the time of the French protectorate, the French language was also introduced to Tunisia. After independence, many institutions in the country for a long time were bilingual.

Culture in Tunisia

The culture in Tunisia differs in many ways from the cultures of other Arab cultural Nations such as for example Yemen, Libya, or Saudi Arabia. This is based mainly on the massive waves of immigration, which had Tunisia over the centuries. This came many different peoples, such as French, Spanish, Turkish and West Africans in the country and influenced customs and traditions of Tunisians in a decisive way. This influence is evident in the architecture of the country, but also in the arts, cuisine, and music are visible traces of other cultures.

Culinary specialities

The kitchen in Tunisia is extremely varied and diverse as its culture and people. Here the influence of Italian, Turkish, French, Arabic, Jewish and berberischer traditions reflect, who played a role in the history of Tunisia. As a basis for the Tunisian cuisine, much Obtainreide is eaten mainly in the form of pasta, bread and semolina. In addition, various local vegetables, such as chick peas, potatoes, beans and carrots, find, as well as a lively use in the preparation of typical Tunisian courts certain meats such as mutton or beef.

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