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With a car, you can explore the State of Thailand in South-East Asia on your own without having to rely during your trip to other modes of transport. Thailand has around 64 million people, of which live close to seven million in the Thai capital of Bangkok, which is also the largest city in the country, as well as their cultural and economic center. Thailand bordering the countries Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar, in addition to the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand. If you want to explore the fascinating country with a rental car, numerous car hire agencies available are available in all cities.

The history of the country

Only in the 11th century came the Thai in the today's Thailand and conquered vast tracts of land. Occasionally, several kingdoms were founded in the time which were concluded in the following years to a single Kingdom together. During the period of colonialism, the country managed to preserve its independence. Shortly after the second world war, Thailand experienced a strong upturn in the economic field and gained the status as one of the leading economic countries in Southeast Asia.

Culture in Thailand

Many cultural areas in Thailand are influenced by the traditions of other cultures, in particular the neighbouring countries have left their marks. Here, the Chinese, Indian and Cambodian culture plays an important role in the first place. But religion also occupies an important role in the social life of the Thais. This unite again several religious ideas, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, the animism and the ancestral worship. In the cities of Thailand, you can go with your rental car to discover and cast on the historical and cultural traces of the locals.

Culinary specialities

The Thai cuisine is one of the best and most varied cuisines of the world. Here, too many influences of other cultures meet each other and give thus their uniqueness and their wealth of Thai cuisine. The most important staple of rice, which is used as the basis for many different dishes and considered here. But not an integral part of the Thai cuisine are also different kinds of noodles, vegetables and natural characteristic herbs and spices such as ginger, lemon grass, coriander and the Galangawurzel.

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