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Ponta Delgada Airport Azores Car Hire

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Ponta Delgada, 9500-749 (Portugal)
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Hertz Ponta Delgada Airport Azores Car Hire

The archipelago of the Azores is located in the Atlantic Ocean at the mid-Atlantic back. Of the nine inhabited islands only Santa Maria of not of volcanic origin, the other eight were formed by the lava ejections of deep-sea volcanoes. Experience a very special landscape at the westernmost end of Europe. Admire the highest volcano in the Azores and the highest mountain of in Portugal, the Ponto do Pico on the island of Pico. In most cases, the top with snow is bepudert, while you bathe can go on the beach in the Atlantic. Pass with your rental car through lush green valleys of bright blue lakes and streams and enjoy views of the Atlantic again and again. Go in the Bodesgas of the Islands and enjoy the wine mature to lava soil and to a piece of Pico cheese.

The Azores high

Due to the weather forecast, the Azores in Europe are known. While the Azores high given the continent always sunshine and warm temperatures, the climate in the Azores by the situation in the middle of the ocean and its proximity to the equator is volatile. The air at the Equator ascending drop off at the level of the Azores and bring rain, fog and wind. Therefore, it is open all year round relatively moist and balanced. Rain and Sun can increasingly turns. The Azores are very green in contrast to some of the Canary Islands and rich. Experience impressive cloud formations with fascinating look over the Atlantic Ocean and bright green valleys with azure volcanic Lakes on which was wabbern in your tour with a rental car. Just who hardly stand heat in the summer, will feel at home in the Azores. Because there are the summer temperatures average at 23 ° C. And it will never bitterly cold in the winter with an average 14 ° C.

Economy in the Azores

The Azores live primarily on the export of milk, dairy products and beef. In addition, the Evergreen Islands are a popular destination of hiking and sailing tourism '. Because on the way to America, the Azores are considered important stopover. At the same time, the medicinal and thermal baths of Sao Miquel lure many visitors in the Azores. Especially the Spa in Furnas is famous. Some tourists travel to see whales in the Azores. There are organized tours in the summer. In the Azores, also tea is grown until today. It is thus Sao Miquel the only place in Europe where tea is produced. Because these are only two tea estates, the income ranges just in the case of the Azorianer.

With the car in the Azores

Almost all the islands of the Azores have an airport. However, most tourists from Germany land on the international airport in Ponta Delgada. Due to the size of the island of Sao Miquel you should just rent a car at the airport of Ponta Delgada. There you will find rental cars of from different car hire companies. The streets in the Azores are usually good passable but often narrow in some places. It is in the choice of a smaller model of the car class, so that you can also avoid the oncoming traffic.

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