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From 1884 to 1915, the today's Namibia as German South West Africa was a colony of the German Empire. Many landscape name still recall this period. The Brandberg massif rises in the heart of the Namib and appears as a kind of Ayers Rock of Namibia. In addition, the Bay of the town of Lüderitz reminds of the Bremen merchant Franz Adolf LÜDERITZ, who bought the area in 1883. And also in northeastern of Namibia, traces of the German past are yet to read. So, for example, the tongue of land along the Okavango River is named after the former Chancellor Leo von Caprivi. The Caprivi-tip of today is an important economic and tourist region of Namibia and lies almost entirely in the tropics. Here the Okavango and Kwando rivers provide green landscapes and a great diversity of species, which are protected by the Caprivi National Park. Experience the unique nature of Namibia and make a tour of the Namib desert with your rental car to the tropical nature of Caprivi-headland.

With the car in Namibia

You will receive their car hire in Namibia at Windhoek Airport, as well as at the airport of Walvis Bay. In addition the car hire in Namibia has also car hire locations in the cities of LÜDERITZ, Ondangwa, Oranjemund, Oshakati, Swakopmund, Tsumeb, whale Bay and Windhoek. Since Namibia is covered to a large extent by the Namib desert and Kalahari, in your hire a rental car on it, be careful that you get a car in the SUV class. So you are drive with all-wheel landforms safely and comfortably in Namibia on the way. The road network of Namibia is with the B1, which will open up the country from South to North of Windhoek, as well as the 5 Bundesstraßen turn to the West and East of the B1 very well developed. The scenically splendid B8 which eastwards to the Caprivi-through national park area in the South of Etosha and in its entire length runs through it is especially recommended for a drive with your car hire. Sparse beauty is certainly also a ride with a hire car by the skeleton coast. You can reach them best through the B2. On the coast, then please contact North and go along on the C34 main road on the coast.

National parks in Namibia

Advisable to know the flora and fauna of Namibia, is a visit of the national parks of the country. The National Park administrations usually offer guided tours and safaris. There is also a rudimentary tourist infrastructure many times, so that you can stay in the National Park. Some national parks, such as for example, parts of Estosha National Park, may be individually explored also with the car. This careful however to the advertised code of conduct. You can discover the colourful variety of forms of erosion in the Namib-Naukluft National Park. Here you experience orange sand waves and white spaces. In the Caprivi-National Park, however, you will experience bright green forests and a tropical flora and fauna. No matter where you want to stay in Namibia, this varied country is worth a visit. And with a car hire in Namibia can move freely and independently.

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