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Cheap Car Hire Lithuania

With a rental car the best possibility of Lithuania, southernmost of the three Baltic States, to visit, without being dependent on other forms of transport offers. Lithuania is located in Eastern Europe, in the West of the country, the Baltic Sea forms a natural border. Lithuania borders Poland, Latvia, Belarus and the Kaliningrad oblast of Russia. Lithuania has experienced around 3.3 million people, which have nearly half a million in the capital of Vilnius. Since 2004, Lithuania is also a member of the European Union. If you want to explore Lithuania with a hire car, the car hire companies that you have selected is of available is available in all cities.

Landscape in Lithuania

With an area of around 65,000 km2 and a coastline of almost one hundred kilometres, Lithuania is the largest of the three Baltic States. The landscape inland is especially characterized by wide flat plains, rolling hills and natural rivers which meander slowly through the countryside. More than a quarter of the total surface area of Lithuania is covered by dense forests, where it spread mainly in the southwest of the country. The largest river of Lithuania is the Nemunas. It flows into the Black Sea on the famous Amber Coast.

Sights in Lithuania

Especially in the major cities of Lithuania a wide variety of interesting sights and cultural events offers. Numerous cultural and historical treasures and magnificent buildings from the eras of the Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and course from the modern expect here and lure you into a world of contrasts and ancient traditions. Many old towns in Lithuania have been very well preserved over the years and allow a look in its historical past. With a car, you can very easily even explore all cities in Lithuania and the surrounding area.

Culinary specialities

The good and above all very hearty food has a long tradition in Lithuania. The Lithuanian cuisine differs from other kitchens in the surrounding regions due to their wealth of potato and meat dishes. Thus, the dishes are prepared with ingredients and usually easily, that there are always in stock. Among the most famous Court in Lithuania, the so-called Zeppelin. This is a kind of dumplings with a filling of meat, and smoked bacon. In the different regions of Lithuania, the Zeppelin is however always otherwise prepared, so some prefer a hearty fish fill, though others prefer fresh vegetables like.

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