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With a car, you can discover the State of Latvia in the North of Europe on your own and enjoy the unique landscape and the hospitality of the locals. Latvia has just under 2.3 million inhabitants, of which live around 700,000 in Riga. Latvia is located right in the heart of the Baltic, a historical and geographical region in Northern Europe. It borders the countries of Belarus, Lithuania, Estonia and Russia. The Baltic Sea as a natural border runs to the West. Since 2004, Latvia is also a member of the European Union. When you choose for a sightseeing tour with a hire car, the car hire companies that you have selected is of available are available in all major cities.

The landscape in Latvia

The landscape in Latvia is a largely forested hills, which is interrupted and broken down by many lakes and rivers. The sprawling coastal plain that has only a very small structure extends in the West of the country. Here, long streets along the coast, which are perfectly suitable for wonderful excursions with your rental car run part. Also the fauna in Latvia is very varied. In addition to foxes, deer, and deer also wolves, moose, Lynx live and even the European brown bear could be offered a new home here.

Culture in Latvia

The culture in Latvia is influenced mainly by the northern European countries. Here are many parallels to countries such as Sweden and Finland, but also the North of Germany has left its mark. So the inner show to typical elements of Latvia, which are widely used in the space of the Hanseatic League. The music is an integral part of social life here, so a huge Song Festival is held in Riga every five years, where thousands of international and regional choirs compete.

Culinary specialities

The kitchen in Latvia is not entirely free of influences, here above all traces of the Russian and German cuisine can be identified, but also Polish specialities are not uncommon here. The Latvian cuisine is based on some basic ingredients, upon which many dishes are built. These include among others the regional products such as wheat, potatoes, cabbage, onion, barley, eggs and pork. But also fresh fish and seafood are a lively used in the kitchen due to the proximity of the Baltic Sea. One of the most popular dishes is the national dish of the Latvians, Pelmeni. These are small dumplings, which are filled with meat and finally cooked in broth.

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