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With a rental car, you can discover the State of Kuwait in Western Asia in a very comfortable way, without being dependent on other forms of transport. Kuwait is located on the Arabian peninsula and has around 2.8 million inhabitants.63.600 People live in the city Kuwait, the official language is Arabic. Persian Gulf runs to the East of Kuwait, also Kuwait bordering the countries of Iraq and Saudi Arabia. If you want to explore it with a rental car, the car hire companies that you have selected is of available is available in all cities.

The landscape in Kuwait

The majority of the total area of Kuwait belongs to the desert ad Dibdiba. This is the area apart from scattered hills and the Zaur-mountains along the coast entirely just. In the Interior of the country, some oases are located in the desert. Of over forty kilometers, which is divided into two parts the entire coast of a Bay is located in Kuwait City. The capital city with a beautiful natural harbour lies directly at the top of this Bay. Through the vast desert areas, very few animals live in Kuwait and also the Veobtaination is very sparse. Some rain, that encourages the grass and shrub growth falls only in the winter months. With a car, you can take great trips along the coast and enjoy the vastness of the landscape.

The history of the country

The history of the country Kuwait begins in the 18th century. In the year 1756 the Sheikdom was founded Kuwait by the Al-Sabah dynasty, after it was exclusively Islamic since the 7th century. This Sheikdom was ruled by the Ottomans. After they increased their power in the 19th century, Kuwait broke away from the Ottoman Empire and was in 1899, a British protectorate. Only in 1940, Kuwait was recognized by Saudi Arabia.

Economy in Kuwait

The wealth and the main economic use based on the degradation of oil in Kuwait. Since 1946, this reduction is strongly encouraged, about 94 percent of the revenue are dependent on oil. In the North of the country should also 2006 new oil and also natural gas had been found. This could Kuwait for the first time one of the most important producers of natural gas in the world and the reserves of world's available oil by around ten per cent increase.