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With a car, you can explore the State of Jordan in Southwest Asia on your own without having to rely during your trip to other modes of transport. In Jordan, approximately 6.2 million people, live of over a million in the Jordanian capital Amman. The official language of Jordan in Arabic. Runs the Red Sea in the South of the State, in addition, the countries of Israel, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and West Bank borders Jordan. If you want to Jordan with a rental car, available in all major cities of numerous car hire companies to provide their service you can use.

Landscape in Jordan

The landscape and nature in Jordan is very varied and enables also a diverse flora and fauna. So, great deserts around the country, which allow only a very limited Veobtaination pull in wide sections. By the low precipitate grow exclusively thorn diffusion plants and other species that live on very little water. In the northern areas of the country, more precipitation falls on an annual average, so that also the Veobtaination has a greater wealth. Wake up in the extensive forests under other different species, such as Cypress, Acacia, oak and pine. You can as desired that discover scenic diversity of the country and learn about Jordan at its very special with your rental car after.

The population of Jordan

About 98 percent of the total population of Jordan are Arabs, in addition there are still many minorities. The largest groups among these minorities in particular members of the peoples of the former Soviet Union among Turks and Kurds, also. Most of the people of the country live in particular North and West of Jordan, because the country's climate offers the best conditions for settlements. About 40 percent of the population live here in the Jordanian capital Amman. In addition live today about 80 percent in major cities and only a small fraction of the population denies his living by traditional agriculture.

Culinary specialities

Who travels to Jordan, must try the local cuisine during his stay in any case that involves many delicacies and specialities. One of the most famous dishes is Arab. It is a dish that originated from the kitchen of the Bedouin and developed to the national dish of Jordan. The dish consists of fine lamb served with rice, pine nuts, nuts, raisins and a yoghurt sauce.

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