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Israel is not only a young State, but also a country that presents itself politically and geographically highly regionalized. The land of Israel has a length of 470 kilometres and is only 15 km wide at its narrowest point. Topographically, the Mediterranean coast is the main settlement of Israel. Here, the big cities were Haifa, Tel-Aviv, Ashdod and Netanya. However, the spiritual and political centre of Jerusalem with its churches, mosques and the famous Western Wall is in the hilly and fertile hinterland. In the South of the State extends the Negev desert with its impressive cliffs and rock formations. The granary of the State of Israel is located in the fertile Jordan Valley and around the sea of Galilee. The proportion of Israel at the dead sea tourism is primarily used for the Kurbad-and is the main tourist area of Israel's next to the Mediterranean coast. Discover this diverse country and make interesting trips in the fascinating nature of the young State with your rental car in Israel.

With the car in Israel

In Israel, you will receive their rental cars in all major cities. The car hire in Israel offers le Zion and Tiberias car hire locations in Be'er Sheva, Hadera, en Bokek, Hertzija, Rishon. A rental is certainly very convenient right after your arrival at Israel. At the following airports in Israel you will find car hire locations: Ben - Gurion Airport Tel Aviv, Atarot Jerusalem airport, airport SDE Dow Tel-Aviv, Haifa airport, airport Eilat, Ovda airport and airport Machanajim Rosh pinna. The road network of Israel is very well developed. If you are planning a trip in the Negev desert however, you should opt for a car of the SUV class. So you are individual, independent and easy Israel on the road. Especially on the coast between Haifa and Kiryat Gat, and to Jerusalem, there are highways. But also is very accessible by paved roads.

Spa tourism in Israel

Due to his ten times higher salt content in comparison to other salt waters of the Earth, the dead sea is a popular vacation and resort destination. Because the high water resistance ensures that the body of the water obtainragen is. In addition, the salt water contains an increased amount of minerals that have a healing effect in skin diseases as well as rheumatism. The minerals of the dead sea be processed also in cosmetics, and provide a good blood circulation of the body. Very popular en Bokek places are on the dead sea, Neve Zohar, the oasis of Ein Gedi and Massada and Jericho. If you would like to spend a beach holiday on the Mediterranean Sea, is magnificent sandy beaches and idyllic coves beautiful on the entire coast of in Haifa. Drive simply go with your rental car and stop, where you like it there. Watch the beautiful sunsets at a picnic.

Culture in Israel

Immediately in the vicinity of the dead sea you can visit the famous of Qumran in 1947 and 1956 the ancient scrolls of Judaism were found. Take your hire car even in one of the kibbutzim and Moshavim and experience cooperative living together in a commune. Small museums are entertained in many kibbutzim, which bear witness of the coexistence. A beautiful Museum of this kind is the ghetto fighters 'House at Kibbutz Lohamei haObtaina' ot.

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