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With a rental car the perfect opportunity to explore the beautiful state of Indonesia and get to know a new and foreign culture in addition to the unique landscapes offers. Indonesia is the largest country in the world and topped even the fourth place of the largest States with nearly 240 million people at all. More than half of all residents of Indonesia's live here on the island of Java, here is also the capital of Jakarta with 18 million inhabitants. The countries of Malaysia, Singapore, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Australia, the Philippines and Palau are located around the country. Indonesia of the Netherlands became independent only in 1949, since then, the tourism in the country has increased sharply. In particular, visitors from the United States from Europe and Australia come each to thousands after Indonesia to enjoy the diversity of the country. When you choose for a sightseeing tour with a hire car, numerous car hire agencies available are available in all major cities.

Landscape in Indonesia

A total Indonesia consists of approximately 13.677 Islands, which stretch over a length of about 5,100 kilometers along the equator. Among the largest islands are the great Sunda Islands, Borneo, Sumatra, Java and Celebes, and the Lesser Sunda Islands, the Moluccas and part of New Guinea. Borders the North of the country the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean at Indonesia, in the South and West, however, the Indian Ocean forms a natural border. The total area of the country is mainly dominated by the massive mountains of Sundasystems. Also extensive coast tiefländer can be found only on a few islands. One of the largest mountain ranges consists of around 300 volcanoes, of which more than 70 after the year 1600 broke out. The beautiful landscapes offer great possibilities for excursions with your rental car and present Indonesia of his very special page.

Culture in Indonesia

The entire population of Indonesia is characterised above all by a great ethnic diversity. So is also the culture of the country through this diversity and has the influences of the ethnic groups in various cultural fields. Especially Hinduism and Buddhism are the architecture and the art of sculpture in the country. In many cities can be admired still today beautiful buildings after Buddhist construction. After the 13th century but also the Arab influence spread rapidly and left its mark in the fields of Islamic art and architecture.