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Cheap Car Hire Bolivia

With a car, you can easily discover the State of Bolivia in the West of South America, and on your journey to know the special pages of the country. Approximately 10.6 million people live in Bolivia, of which nearly 310,000 in the Bolivian capital, Sucre. Bolivia the official language is Spanish, in addition, there are still 36 indigenous languages that emerged from the languages of native of Americans. As neighboring countries, the States of Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay borders Bolivia. When you choose for a sightseeing tour with a hire car, the car hire companies that you have selected is of available are available in all major cities.

Landscapes in Bolivia

The Lake Titicaca is one of the most famous waters in Bolivia and is a popular destination for tourists and visitors. As the largest lake in the entire South America has he a length of 194 kilometers and a width of 65 kilometres and thus exceeds the size of Lake Constance to the fünfzehnfache. The Titicaca Lake, to Spanish Lago Titicaca, located on the plateau of the Andes, the so-called Altiplano. Bolivia only borders the eastern part of the body of water, the Western belongs to Peru. More than 25 rivers end up in Lake Titicaca, and also make it a major economic source for the population from the surrounding area. With a rental car you can reach Lake Titicaca quickly and easily and enjoy nature along the body of water.

National parks in Bolivia

Bolivia offers over 20 national parks, which throughout the country and in the level of Amazonabeckens are distributed and are usually very good with a rental car. The Noel Kempff Mercado National Park is one of one of the most famous parks and was recorded in 2000 by UNESCO in the list of world heritage. The sanctuary is located in the northeastern part of Bolivia in close proximity to the Brazilian border. The entire national park boasts a wealth of different waters, lagoons and rivers that end in part in impressive waterfalls and thus promise a unique natural spectacle.

Culinary delights

The cuisine of Bolivia is characterized by a variety of different influences, such as that of the Creole and South American cuisine. But European modes of preparation, such as the German, Italian and Spanish are reflected in the cuisine of Bolivia. Like the whole landscape of the country, so the emergence of culinary specialities in regions can be split. In the areas of the Highlands, a lively use of sharp and aromatic spices finds their consent, while in the rather enjoy fresh vegetables and fruit value is placed on.