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With a car, you can easily explore the beautiful land of Argentina in South America. Over 40 million people here live as the second largest state of the continent and even eighth-largest of the entire planet. In 1816, broke away from the then prevailing Spanish colonial power Argentina and has since become an independent State, but is still Spanish the official language of the country. More and more tourists and partly also emigrants come taste the wonderful unique country, ideal for a tour with the car, which has to offer also the warm mentality and the Fiery temperament of its inhabitants, in addition to unique landscapes.

Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina and at the same time capital of the country with over 12 million inhabitants. Other major cities and starting point for a journey through Argentina by means of a car are among other Córdoba, Salta and Bariloche. The city of El Calafate is a small town in the southwest of the country and is located near the Los Glaciares National Park, since 1981 a UNESCO World Heritage. If you so choose a discovery tour with a hire car, car hire companies in all cities are at the disposal.

Argentina's nature

The South American country has to offer much in terms of its unique nature and environment. When selecting a suitable vehicle, you should set rental cars on a Geländetauglichen to move ahead in rough Geländte without any problems. In the vast rain forests, a warm moist tropical climate, which encourages the development of rare plant and flower species there is throughout the year. Rose wood, rosewood, Palm trees and Guajakholz trees are just a few. Further away from the kilometre-long Woods begins the Pampa, an infinite veldt, which begins in a southeasterly direction on the Rio de la Plata. In addition to Argentina, including the States of Brazil and Uruguay have share in the pampas. The landscape of many different types of grass and some trees such as the eucalyptus and the plane is marked. These trees adapted over the centuries to the prevailing dry climate, other plants could not survive here. With a car, you can selectively take day trips in the unique nature and experience in the vast landscapes still a little freedom.

Argentina culture

People with the most diverse nationalities and backgrounds live in Argentina. This diversity is reflected in the culture of the country, that is at least as rich in variation and versatile as its inhabitants. If there is talk of Argentine music, so the Tango and his fiery temper comes a course immediately each. And the Argentines live this passion out completely. Often, one meets people who spontaneously join to a small tango to swing your hips to the intoxicating sound of the street musicians in the middle of the road. But of course there are also numerous featured exclusive shows, which are distinguished by their magnificent costumes in addition to the dance. In addition to the music, the Argentines love in particular sport, but also the theatre and literature occupies an important role. In all major cities, there are also many museums, where you can learn about the history of Argentina. Here, many car hire companies offer your service if you want to rent a car is.

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